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We specialise in structural repairs in concrete structures and also polyurethane injection to prevent water leaks in your structures. See below for a wide range of services that we offer.

    • Structural Repairs

      Structural Repairs

      Our highly skilled tradesmen can repair cracks, cavities, voids and joints in structures safely, reliably and thus successfully.



      Any leak in a concrete structure can be sealed. We have the best tradesmen in the business when it comes to stopping water leaks, working all year round for major tier 1 clients.



      Not sure on your repair method for cracks? Our team of skilled tradesmen locate all cracks and measure the width of the crack that allows us to determine the best repair method.



      We work with the best products in the industry that allows us to successfully seal concrete joints to minimize water and incompressible infiltration.



      Repairing cracks doesn’t always look pretty afterwards. That’s why we offer rendering services to provide a full fairy coat finish to make your structure look brand new.



      Accidents happen, right? That’s why we’re on hand to patch up any concrete structures that may have been damaged or have become environmentally exposed.


Our tradesmen hold High Risk Work licenses allowing them to operate Elevated work platforms below and above 11 metres. They also hold working at height tickets that allows our work to be completed via scaffold. A select few of our tradesmen also hold High Risk Work license that allows them to erect scaffold greater than 4 metres.

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Concrete Injection


Direct Inject is a parter company of EMC Civil, who are specialists in formwork, reinforcing and concrete pours of regular and complex infrastructure projects for major tier one clients.

Direct Inject are committed to all our clients, with customer service underpinned by reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Our works are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.

Polyurethane Foam Injection


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time and to the highest standards.


All of our tradesmen are fully trained and have completed HRW licenses, as well as holding working at heights ticket.

#1 Service Provider for Quality Concrete Crack Repairs and Fixing

Direct Inject is the leading service provider for quality repairs of concrete floors and other infrastructure surfaces. We are experts in providing formwork, reinforcing and concrete pour services for our projects, working with top clients across Sydney. You can rely on us to provide you with impressive services with qualified and licensed professionals to get your projects completed in a hassle-free manner. 

Our services include getting your structural repairs done by our skilled tradesmen for your foundations, beams, tunnels, columns. We provide structural injection services using an Epoxy or Polyurethane method to provide your structures with increased strength and make them waterproof. Our technicians perform a crack mapping before filling out your cracks where the width and depth of the cracks are measured to determine the best concrete crack repair service. 

Joint Sealing is performed to prevent water leak from your concrete structures after repairs. It is then rendered to provide a smooth finish to your concrete crack repairs. Finally, patching is done to repair and restore damaged concrete floors to bring them back to their original form.

Some of the High-Profile Clients that we work with

  • Sydney Light Rail
  • Bluey
  • Sydney Metro
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Lendlease
  • BCS
  • Northwest Rapid Transit
  • John Holland

Tools required for quality concrete crack repairs and fixing

Wire brush, Vacuum cleaner, Chisel, Hammer, Safety glasses, Concrete bonding adhesive (epoxy/polyurethane), Paintbrush, Sand mix, Trowel.v

Steps to get your concrete crack repairs and fixing done to perfection

  • To start with, utilise a wire brush to clean the crack. Clear any loose debris that is present and then vacuum the crack to get all the dust removed. Ensure that there is no grease, oil, or dirt remaining in or close to the crack if any, then clean it all together.
  • The next step is to use a chisel and a hammer to undercut the edges of the crack. This will keep the patch in place. Make certain to wear your safety glasses while performing the procedure.
  • Take your paintbrush and cover the cracked surface with the help of a concrete bonding adhesive and let it dry completely.
  • Then blend an appropriate amount of sand mixed with water.
  • Using a trowel, ensure that you cover the crack thoroughly with the mixture.
  • Once filled, remove any excess mixture, and level the surface and allow the patch to be cured without any disturbance.

Injections Are a Good Choice for your concrete crack repairs and fixing

  • They help you keep away from costly expenses for your structural repairs and reduce the time to get the job completed.
  • They can be utilised for all kinds of crack and leakage sealing in concrete, masonry, and foundation structures.
  • They provide a permanent watertight sealing solution to your structures.
  • They can be utilised at the beginning of the construction or later stage to increase the durability and reliability during any subsequent repair or remodel of the structure, as per the project’s requirements.

Successful Waterproofing using Injection Systems

Injection Material

The choice of the correct injection material and the correct injection item for the defined project needs is the fundamental key factor for the project’s success. The material’s viscosity, adaptability, and way it behaves when it comes in contact with water are particularly significant – everything which can altogether impact the viability of the injection.

Injection Equipment

The second most crucial factor is the correct equipment for the injection material you have chosen to make the correct material, blending, and delivery arrangements. This incorporates the initial measurements, blend, and delivery from the appropriate pump to utilise the right packers/ ports/ connectors.

Injection Technique / Application-

Lastly, the correct injection technique and application must be followed by professional, skilled, and experienced workers to ensure success and provide a permanent leakage sealing solution for your structures.

Concrete Injection

Advantages of using our injection Solutions

  • The injection solutions we provide are of the highest standards to ensure all our clients get maximum satisfaction after project completion.
  • Direct Inject offers technical advice and support.
  • Our injection systems can also be used to improve or restore the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of your buildings and structures.

Why choose our services

  • We have serviced over 22 high profile clients.
  • Completed over 68 projects.
  • Having a team of 32 highly skilled and licensed professionals.

Eliminate the risk of further damage to your property- be it for residential or commercial spaces and reap the advantages of hiring professional services for your concrete crack repairs.

You can directly visit our office Unit 2, 6 Raceway Place, Eastern Creek, NSW, 2766, or Contact us on 0296222336 to get all the services mentioned above. Our customer-friendly sales team that are highly professional would be happy to answer all your doubts and queries regarding our services. We provide free quotes at the best affordable rates to ensure that our services are available to all.


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